Saturday, June 15, 2013

Newborn Pictures!

Here are Bella Rae's newborn pictures!

A friend of ours, who is trying to establish her photography business volunteered to take them for us. (Such a blessing to t his picture crazy mama!)

I changed her outfit a million times.

Unfortunately, I only received 2 pictures.  :(

I guess I can't complain because I got them for free; and am thankful for the 2 I got, but would have loved to see them all.

Oh well...

Here's my beautiful girl at 1 week old.

And yes... she has blue eyes!!!!  (So did her Great Papa Ray... her namesake.)


  1. I hope you and all of your kiddos are doing well. They are such a cute bunch and blessed to have you and TJ!

  2. Hey Hannah, I just saw on facebook that Bella Rae had her six month pictures done... and I thought, gosh, how long has it been since there was last a blog post? Apparently it's been a month and a half. :) Now if you don't feel the Lord is wanting you to blog, that's fine, so don't get annoyed... but if you're just so crazy busy you've not realized it's been THAT LONG I figured I'd give you a reminder. Because I'd love to read how life is going for you!


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